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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a wonderful program that motivates students to become better readers, both in decoding and comprehension.  Students read books and take tests on computers at school, either in their classroom or in the computer lab. The computer tracks each student’s progress throughout each goal period and throughout the year.

  Each student will have three goals: a point goal, a percent correct goal, and a book level goal. Each student’s goal is personalized for them based on their individual reading level, coupled with 30 minutes of reading time a day, both in class and at home. This program is designed for SUCCESS!   In addition, I will be charting students’ progress in the classroom. Students will earn Scholar Dollars when they reach 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of their goals and they will earn small prizes to motivate them to reach their goals. If students make all three goals, they will earn something fun in the classroom that will be determined as a class prior to each new marking period.  

As you can see there are many things to get students excited about reading this year and it is a critical year for your child to make growth in reading. At this level students should be moving from "learning to read" to "READING TO LEARN." Students will see tremendous growth in reading as they engage in more independent reading practice. I love the saying, "Reading takes you places to meet new faces!" When students have confidence with their reading skills, they can explore anything and everything in their world!  

Below, you will find A.R. quiz lists for NCE  that you can download onto your computer and print at your convenience. I have included three different lists sorted by author, title  and book level. You can use these to look up and level the books you have at home or to help you with your selection of library books or purchases from Scholastic orders. I hope this is helpful! HAPPY READING!   Mrs. Montejano 


Copy the link below and paste into your browser to get to my new web page with additional links and resources!




Always treat others as you would like to be treated

Listen actively and follow directions

Offer help to those in need

Have respect for yourself, others, and classroom property

Always be your best and do your best





Have you filled a bucket today?

Bucket fillers:

  • Give compliments
  • Acknowledge others for their good behavior, choices or accomplishments
  • Pick out the positive qualities in others
  • Do nice things for others
  • Offer help when needed
  • Thank others to show appreciation

Can you think of other ways to fill a bucket?

Our Fabulous Fourth Grade Team...Mrs. Montejano, Ms. Colich & Ms. Johnson



* Communication

* Collaboration

* Creativity

* Critical Thinking

Leslie Montejano





ALOHA and welcome to Rm. 21 where learning is FUN!!! I am so excited for this year!  In my class, students will learn the meaning of "ohana", which in Polynesian culture means family. It is my goal to ensure that each child feels like they play a valuable role in our classroom community in an environment where they will be supported in every way, by their teacher, and classmates in our new fourth grade family. I am looking forward to an incredible year together! Join us on a learning adventure and have fun exploring all that there is to know about our classroom on this site!



Mrs. Montejano




Check out the Tiki TImes!

Each Monday, your child will receive our classroom newsletter, The Tiki Times. I also update this section of my web page with all the information on the Tiki Times so you can access it from your computer or phone. You will also receive an email with The Tiki Times attached so you are always in the know! 


The Tiki Times 2/11/19

* On Valentine’s Day, this Thursday, February 14th,  we will have Secret Pal Lunch Exchange and students may bring Valentines to give to their classmates, as long as they bring one for each student in the class. Please do NOT label valentines with specific names of classmates, but your child may sign them with their own name. As for the lunch, we had students write several favorites on their questionnaire so that it might make it easier for parents. You do not have to purchase or prepare everything on the list…Just bring a regular kids sized meal with any favorite you wish to provide from the list. We can’t wait to spread the kindness on this special day!


* Don’t forget that we will have Flag Deck this Thursday and that your child can wear pink and/or red to show their spirit. The Aladdin cast will be offering us a little teaser to get kids pumped up for the 6thGrade play! Get your tickets now!


* Scholastic book orders for February are due this Friday, 2/15. Our classroom code is HFJ92. You can also purchase your child their own copy of Wonder to follow along with audio book we are listening to! Please support reading!


* I am looking for students who are being “WISE” and demonstrating scholarly behavior and making smart choices each day! We will award our winners at the next assembly in Valentine’s Day, February 14th!




Catch the Wave of Learning!



Language Arts:

Unit 3 Week 3 – Liberty and Justice

Essential Question: How can one person make a difference?

Genre: Biography

Stories: “Judy’s Appalachia ,” “Delivering Justice: W.W. Law and the Fight for Civil Rights” and “Keeping Freedom in the Family”

Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms and Antonyms

Spelling pattern: Soft c and g

Grammar: Main and Helping Verbs

Comprehension Skill: Author’s Point of View

Read Aloud Shared Novel: Wonder

Math: Unit 5 - Geometry

  • Introducing Angles
  • Benchmark Angles
  • Angle Puzzles
  • Conversation Heart Math (Valentine’s Day Math!)

Social Studies: CA Weekly 14 

Mexico Gains Independence

Science: Ch. 5 - Interactions in Ecosystems






















Catch the Wave of Technology!

We are excited to announce that our fourth graders will now have access to a our very own Chromebook carts in each classroom! Technology will be integrated into our curriculum daily, so it's important that our scholars are competent with keyboarding skills. Please make it a priority to have your child practice for at least 10 minutes a day on Typing Club. If you do not have Google Chrome on your computer or your child's device, please make sure you download that browser as we will be be using different applications within Google classroom, especially Google Docs, on a regular basis. Many classroom assignments, projects, and homework assignments will be assigned on Google Classroom. We will also be reviewing DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP and expect that all students are using technology RESPONSIBLY. 

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Contact Information:



Mrs. Montejano
Mrs. Montejano



It is an honor to be your child's fourth grade teacher. I have had the privilege of working in this amazing profession as a teacher for the last 22 years. This will be my 14th year at Newport Coast! My goal as an educator is to provide an environment where my students feel valued, motivated and challenged. I want to give my students the skills and confidence they need to be successful both in school and in their personal lives by inspiring them to love learning, whether it's in the classroom or discovering something new on their own.  When students' talents are nurtured and they feel encouraged and empowered, I believe they can soar!

What I remember most about fourth grade was a very special teacher who saw my potential as a writer and had a major influence on who I have become today.  She embraced my creative talents and  encouraged me to pursue a career in writing and ultimately, to go into the profession of teaching.  She has become a friend and mentor to me. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity as a teacher to create educational experiences for my students that will hopefully leave the same lasting impression.  

My love of writing followed me into my college years. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from California State University, Long Beach. I completed my graduate work at Chapman University where I obtained a teaching credential,  Master’s Degree in Education, G.A.T.E. Credential for teaching gifted and talented students, and CLAD certification, which enables me to teach English language learners.

I am committed to growing as a professional. I believe there is always something new to learn. I model what I expect of my students as learners by continuing my education to become the best teacher that I can be so my students will be well-prepared for the future. At Newport Coast, we value working in  "Professional Learning Communities" so that we can better serve our students. We have an incredible fourth grade team and we believe that working together, we can reach every learner on every level to help each and every child achieve success. 
My professional development also includes staying abreast of the latest teaching practices that involve the use of putting technology into the hands of our students. I am passionate about making  learning more engaging and relevant in today's world. I have received several grants for new technology and books that will be available to my students and part of my lessons each day.  I attended trainings this summer on our new Language Arts curriculum, "Wonders" and our new Math curriculum, "Bridges." I am very excited to be implement these programs that incorporate Common Core standards and will challenge students to be creative, collaborative, critical thinkers who can communicate effectively and succeed as scholars!
I spend my personal time with my husband, Jeff, our MnMs...Mia (11), and Maddie (9). We also have two Yorkies, Marley and Ginger who add to the female dominance in our household! Some of my hobbies include spending time at the beach, reformer pilates, swimming, reading on my iPad, photography, foodie adventures in cooking and discovering new restaurants, and entertaining friends and family. I love traveling and have visited over 25 countries.  It is my goal to share my knowledge of the world with my students and to incorporate global learning into the curriculum. I want students to appreciate the diversity among us and to value other cultures around the world. I look forward to taking my students with me as we embark on a great learning adventure together!
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2/11-2/13 – Good Luck grams on sale for 6thgraders!

2/13 - Make-A-Wish Valentine's Gram Sale ends!

2/12 – Lockdown Drill

2/14 – Happy Birthday Maddi S.!

2/14 – Valentine’s Day & Flag Deck 8:45 – Wear Pink/Red for Spirit Day! 

2/14 – Secret Pal Lunch and Valentine Exchange at 12:50

2/15 – Last day to get items from Lost and Found before they are donated!

2/16 - Scholastic Book orders are due! Code HFJ92

2/18-2/22 – Presidents’ Recess (NO SCHOOL!)

2/21 – Happy Birthday Grant!

2/27 – Fire Drill 1:45 p.m.

3/6 – Fourth Grade Teachers Report Card Day (sub)

3/7 – Class Act Prelude Assembly 10:-10:30

3/8 – 4thGrade Irvine Railroad Field Trip 9:15-2:00

3/8 – Happy Birthday Hao!

3/27 – Happy Birthday Kian!


School begins - 8:35

Recess - 11:05 -11:20 (15 min.)

Lunch - 12:50 - 1:25 (35 min.)

Dismissal - 2:50

Early out Dismissal on Wednesdays - 2:10



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