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Kathleen Ossenmacher

Constitution Day September 17th
Constitution Day September 17th

Booklist Websites for First Grade

Bridges - Math Curriculum

Please use the link below to learn about Bridges. 



Welcome to 1st Grade

Hello Fantastic First Graders!  I hope you have had a wonderful summer. I am so excited for school to start and to meet each one of you on Tuesday.   We will have a lot of fun in first grade. Our year will be filled with a lot of learning! I am excited to see how much you grow. Have an enjoyable weekend.  See you on Tuesday morning.


Mrs. Ossenmacher












Reading is very important in first grade.  We will read many books.  Please make sure your child reads everyday.

Welcome to Mrs. Ossenmacher's class!

This web page is for you to learn more about my classroom. This site will give you information about classroom events, activities, and more!  Please scroll down or refer to the locker for important information and attachments. Click on "Meet Mrs. Ossenmacher" to find out more about me. Please also take a look at the other tabs with helpful information related to our class.

Moby Max

Try out the new website that will help  you in every academic area!  It is called MobyMax.  I have attached a link in the locker and to this message.  To sign in use your first name (Name) as your username and your student ID as your password.  Click on any academic area you want to practice on.  You will start out with a quick assessment so it provides you with practice/reteach/enrichment at your level.  Please give me feedback and let me know what you think of it!

School Code:  CA16382




Web Based Programs Used in the Classroom

Our class will be utilizing the following web based programs in addition to the NMUSD web based programs.  Please click on the links below and read the Terms of Service.  Please let me know if you don't want your child to participate in the class web based programs.

Moby Max                              Zaption                           Kahoot